Troska nauczania


The author attempts to broaden the educational understanding of care. Starting from the traditional view of educational care in the category of welfare, he shows how it is related to the modernist imaginary of the logic of emancipation at the level of assumptions made about the world. Following the logic of responsibility, he proposes a different set of references, consisting of the understanding of education introduced by Hannah Arendt, the morphology of the school by Jan Masschelein and Maarten Simons, the conceptualization of studying devised by Tyson Lewis, and the immanent ontology of teaching that the latter author develops with Joris Vlieghe. Within such a constellation, this essay poses a question about the care of teaching expressed in the teaching-specific way students and teachers spend time together, considering that teachers’ attentiveness to what emerges in studying the world together creates a peculiar relationship with what exists.