Ruch, dźwięk, motion capture: projekt „Musica Posthumana” w kontekście realizmu sprawczego Karen Barad


This article problematizes the interdisciplinary project Musica Posthumana in the context of Karen Barad’s philosophy of agential realism. Using selected terminology proposed by the philosopher, the creators
of the project describe the process of permeating the agency of the phenomena that comprise it and include reflection on the agency of non-human elements in the creative process. The motion capture technology used in the project will be analyzed through the prism of a research tool as understood by Karen Barad. Its status will be expanded from creating representations to actively making sense and participating in the process of materializing relationships and meanings. The interlacing agency of the project’s sound, motion, and technological phenomena will be presented and described through intra-actions. The onto-epistemological status of the body in the technological environment will also be discussed. Keywords: agential realism, motion capture, Musica Posthumana, intra-actions, sound, dance, technology