Potrzeba łączenia, potrzeba zmiany. Piramida zwierząt Anny Królikiewicz w perspektywie filozofii Jolanty Brach-Czainy


This article interprets Anna Królikiewicz’s piece Piramida zwierząt [A Pyramid of Animals] from the perspective of Jolanta Brach-Czaina’s philosophical considerations. Królikiewicz’s installation can be viewed as a postulate to re-evaluate the hitherto human-non-human hierarchies. Inter-species understanding, based on the principle of fragility and susceptibility to injury, allows Brach-Czaina’s thought to be directed towards an artistic reading inspired by post-humanist research. Both artistically and philosophically coherent, the interpretation focused on the matter of food also becomes a pretext for sensitizing us to the aesthetic dimension of everyday life.