Gniew „Wściekłej Henryki” i dziewczyński bunt w listach do redakcji „Filipinki” (1957–1989)


This article, based on the analysis of a series of letters about the unfair division of roles in the family sent to the editor of “Filipinka” in 1967 is part of the trend of girlhood studies and research on the social history of emotions. It shows how the process of distinguishing girls as a social group and the development of girl culture was accompanied by their gradual emotional emancipation. Letters to the editor, being a specific form of communication, are treated in the article as a kind of “emotional shelter” according to William Reddy’s terminology, allowing for the articulation of affects that go beyond the set of accepted emotional norms and may be signs of social change.

Keywords: emotions, anger, girls, gender equality, Poland 1945-1989