Filozofia w edukacji wizualnej: Błony umysłu jako ćwiczenie z fotografii


The material for the analysis consists of works by female Master’s students at the University of Arts in Poznań, based on Jolanta Brach-Czaina’s essay from the volume Błony umysłu [Membranes of the Mind]. The photographs and films are the result of activities carried out during the course Theory of Photography. Their aim is to encourage students to create a visual response to a theoretical text. From the corpus of texts proposed during the classes, I have selected works that closely deal with the issue of the relationship between reproduction and experiencing non-image reality, analyzed by the philosopher in her essay Łuski-maski [Scale-masks]. Although the author criticizes photography in her text, the young artists find in it inspiration to reflect on the relationship between documenting time and existence, and experiencing them. They also undertake a visual critique of the theses presented in the text. Thus they find a way to apply philosophical considerations to artistic practice. The works analyzed in the text were produced between 2019 and 2021 by three authors: Dagmara Barańska-Morzy, Joanna Berg and Joanna Czarnota.