Coaching okiem (neoliberalnie myślącego) antropologa. Polemicznie nad książką Michała Mokrzana „Klasa, kapitał i coaching w dobie późnego kapitalizmu”


The article is a polemics with Michał Mokrzan’s book: “Class, Capital and Coaching in the Age of Late Capitalism. Persuasion of Neoliberal Governmentality” (2019). Among quite a few objections one comes to the fore. Mokrzan effaces to a large extent the critical potential of Foucault’s thought, perceiving it only as a source of useful concepts for the analysis of methods used in coaching for optimizing individuals. No far-reaching conclusions are drawn here regarding the limitation of human freedomand self-determination through new discourses at the service of the modern statebiopower. Is such a domesticated Foucault still the Foucault we have come to know as a relentless opponent of even most sophisticated and inconspicuous forms of power? And even given Foucault’s ambiguous attitude towards neoliberalism and all the hope the was putting in the idea of free market as a factor limiting power, does not coaching remain an almost exemplary tool employed by modern state in purpose of disciplining individuals and augmenting their economic usefulness? Is it thus right – in the light of Foucault’s thought – to simultaneously claim that coaching is “neoliberal governmental technique” and afirm/promote it? Keywords: Michał Mokrzan, Michel Foucault, polemics, coaching, neoliberalism, anthropology, governmentality, neoliberal regulation of individuals