Współ-lektury. Uchodźcy w książkach dla dzieci dostępnych na polskim rynku (2011–2022)


This article presents the ways in which the subject of refugees is addressed in children’s publications available on the Polish publishing market, and how this presence has been affected by the 2021 asylum crisis and the 2022 war in Ukraine. Problems related to the presentation of this topic to children are presented, highlighting the mechanisms of censorship, but above all, concerning the poetics and reception of the books, in which this subject is broached. Referring to the reflections of Joanna Papuzińska (“co-experiencing”) and Agnieszka Kwiatkowska (“family reading”), the author proposes the notion of community reading or co-reading, according to which a text is treated as a statement about community, a way of creating and sustaining it, a value that unites different readers in an aesthetic, emotional and volitional experience, regardless of their age. Keywords: refugees in literature, asylum crisis, children’s literature, co-reading