Więcej przyjemności, mniej pryncypiów


Catherine Malabou’s latest book is an intermediary in the French philosopher’s work on anarchy and anarchism. The author considers the reasons for erasing the pleasure of thinking, which is closely related to the clitoris. She finds two main reasons: the continued phallocentricity of philosophy and the currently popular anti-essentialist transgender and postgender theories. In the orders of these two discourses, both the anarchist clitoris and the rebellion of the feminine element of reflection are negated. Malabou emphasizes the importance of the legacy of radical second-wave feminism, and in creating a vivid and conceptual portrait of the clitoris, she does not forget the importance of biology or that the clitoris does not allow itself to be ruled. In her reflections, what is feminine acquires the dimension of total anarchy, which she defines as an order without domination and governmentality.

Keywords: anarchy, clitoris, radical feminism, phallogocentrism, transgender