Typowi obywatele ludowi. Reprezentacje chłopów i chłopek na wystawie „#dziedzictwo” (2017)


This article is a critical analysis of the representations of peasant men and women at the #heritage exhibition (National Museum in Krakow, 2017). It reflects on the exhibits displayed in the “#citizenry” section along with the descriptions included in the exhibition catalog. The author analyzes the presented images of the peasantry in a broader socio-cultural context, contradicting curatorial theses about the attractiveness of Polish culture to the peasantry and its presumed sense of citizenry, while demonstrating that the exhibited images contained other visions of citizenry than those described. The social character of the genre of the portrait and the “folk type,” through which most of the analyzed cases were presented, is also discussed. Keywords: #heritage, peasant history, visual arts, photography, folk type, portrait