Transpłciowość – sztuka pozostawania sobą


This text refers to the book Transpłciowość w Polsce [Transgender in Poland] by Maria Dębińska and its description of the process of emergence and transformation of the category of transgender. It discusses the ways in which society gives a symbolic layer to the feelings experienced by transgender people. The image of a violent society is comprised of the medical sector and the legal world, and their tools include language, the structure of diagnosis, legal proceedings or medical interventions of arriving at gender characteristics. The author describes this process from both an anthropological and sociological perspective, as well as from a historical perspective. The commentary contained in the article is an attempt to outline the dilemmas faced by medical professionals, especially in situations that require decisions to propose specific forms of psycho-sexological assistance. The author of the article points first of all to the individualized situation of transgender people and the necessity to respect their viewpoint and needs. In reference to Dębińska’s text, she calls for careful analysis and consideration of the social categories in which we are all immersed. Keywords: transgender, gender identity, gender dysphoria, gender incongruence, psycho-sexual development, gender-affirming care