Tęsknię za Tobą, Turze


We live in a time of planetary climate change. One of its elements is the sixth great extinction of species. The article talks about how difficult the relationship between humans and nature is in these times, citing the examples of three species from the Bovidae: the cow, the aurochs, and the bison. Critical issues of nature conservation in the Anthropocene are presented: restoration of extinct species, wildness, and capacity of ecosystems. Combining elements of scholarly discussion with artistic speculation, this article is an extensive story about the need to recognize the subjectivity of non-human beings for understanding current ecological problems. The readers are invited to participate in five speculative journeys with the Last Female Aurochs, and the guide is Golem – an open interpretive figure, a contribution to reflections on advancement, decline, and the struggle to reverse the world order. Keywords: breeding, conservation, dependence, extinction, female Aurochs, feralism, golem, population, reintroduction, species, speculation, subjectivity, wildness