Interaktywny plac zabaw – studium odmuzealnienia w perspektywie kuratorskiej. Teoria „trzeciego miejsca” a rozwiązania techniczne


The author of this text treats the Interactive Playground at the WRO Art Center in Wrocław, first presented in 2008, as a study of demuseumization. Infected with the concept of the third place, it is a way of thinking and creating an exhibition venue in which the art gallery is fully democratized. The article presents the project’s two recent exhibitions: Sygnały [Signals] (2018) and Ślady [Traces] (2020). Based on in-depth interviews with the curators, the author analyzes the strategies adopted in relation to the project’s original formula, the mechanics of the presented installations in contact with the public, and the methods of mediation between the works and visitors. Keywords: Interactive Playground, third place, media art, demusealisation