Freedom of a (Bike) Courier

I was in front of Romek’s place by 10am. His working day was just about to start. However, as it turned out, my guide was still fast asleep. When his grandparents let me in and I went into his bedroom he pulled the duvet over his head. He later explained that this is the way he relaxes before a tough day. Then his dispatcher called with the first assignment. Romek got dressed quickly, packed his courier bag and off we went. Romek’s first assignment was for an advertising agency where we were supposed to pick up some photos and then deliver them to another agency in the city center. At first the ride was quite enjoyable; the traffic in Łazarz in Poznań was not bad so we were riding calmly down the city streets. I was first surprised, recalling how some couriers complain how tough their work is. For me it was just a fun bicycle ride. This was put to a stop by Romek who began rushing me. We were already in the center, at the Kaponiera roundabout. I thought we would stop at the red light but instead my guide only began pedaling faster and urged me to do the same. The cars driving in the opposite direction started beeping and I almost ended up underneath one of them. This made me appreciate a courier’s reflex. Back in our lane, I was still a little shaken and tried to calm myself down, but Romek kept going as if nothing had happened. I sat down at the agency entrance to calm down but my companion put a stop to it and hurried me again. We went inside where the photos had already been packed. While I stood on the side and listened to Romek talking to the secretary, I had the impression that it wasn’t his first time there.