Fitomisteria. Zielarska praktyka spekulatywna


This article describes the practice of entering mindfully into a relationship with plants, formulated by the Warsaw-based herbal studio Chwaściarnia [Weedshop]. It presents a several-stage herbal speculative method, developed with reference to the assumptions guiding contemporary posthumanism. In the first part, the article addresses the practice of conscious breathing with plants, challenging the traditional anthropocentric paradigm of herbalism. It then discusses the successive stages of the method: sensory familiarization with the plant, the role of voice (including call and response), and the importance of performative incantations and murmurs. The problem of the relationship between people and plants in contaminated areas is also addressed. An important part of the method described is speculation, which involves weaving a narrative about the plant and collectively creating its imaginative depiction. The practice ends with collating speculation with botanical facts. This method combines mindfulness practices with the development of an approach based on knowledge and care. Keywords: herbal practice, postsecularism, mindfulness, relationality, knowledge and care.