Extended Identity and the Specters of (Post)communism: Artistic Interventions in the Relics of Communism in Central and Eastern European Cities

The text looks at the fall of communism in Europe in terms of the major influence these events exerted on the transgression of a conceptual system, which left the region helpless in the face of a semantic redefinition, and deprived it during its political transition of an important tool that could have helped it deal with the essence of this transformation – Marxism. The text analyzes various artistic interventions related to the aftermath of Communism in post-communist Europe: the Russian group ETI, the Romanian artists Daniel Knorr and Anca Benery, and the Hungarian artists Tamás Kaszás, Tamás Szentjóby, Yael Bartana and Santiago Serra all work to restore lost analytical categories. Interventions – considered in Derridian terms – undertaken in order to alleviate the phantom pain of capitalist cities.