Care we francuskiej przestrzeni kulturowej: w poszukiwaniu słowa i związków z pielęgniarstwem


Care is a universal phenomenon conceptualized in the American cultural space. When the conceptualization of care reached France, the problem of translating the name of this concept arose and is yet to be solved. A semantic analysis of the closest equivalent of “care” in French, soin, reveals that despite the semantic proximity, the use of soin as a translation of “care” is problematic. This raises the question of what should actually be translated: the English word “care” or “care” as the name of the concept. Related to this question is the hypothesis that although care is a universal phenomenon, its Anglo-Saxon conceptualization is culturally determined. Care is related to nursing, which, in a sense, constitutes its professionalization; the French name of the field, soins infirmiers, contains the closest French equivalent to “care”. However, the relationship between nursing and care is not as simple as it might seem.