An Epoch without Epoch

This article presents the main assumptions of the problem of the Anthropocene discussed in Bernard Stiegler’s book Neganthropocene. For Stiegler, the key reference point is the issue of technics and new technologies. According to the author, linking the technological evolution with the development of capitalism resulted in the human being gradually alienated by technics. It has also produced an awareness that has had increasingly toxic consequences both for the human as a subject, social relationships, and environmental issues. Due to its simultaneously disorganizing and exploitative nature, Stiegler proposes that the Anthropocene be called the Enthropocene. At the same time, the author offers his own project of overcoming the crisis, which is based on re-thinking the issue of technics. He calls for the reinforcement of human awareness and agency in relation to new technologies by replacing the economic perspective with newly-construed categories of “life” and “care.”