A Solitary Sisterhood. On a Certain Individualistic Community

Bikes lined the corridor walls which led to a small room, wallpapered with the Green party election posters, where a meeting was being held. A nook of counter-culture in the very center of crowded Poznań, housing a wobbling wardrobe and a bunch of women who in just a month will hit the headlines in the domestic newspapers. For the time being, however, the Console Association of Women (Console for short) was having its meeting there. The girls were getting ready for the Days of Prevention of Violence against Women and I was watching, listening and could not decide on what my research should actually focus. At that moment there was virtually nothing we had in common. In feminist papers and the Console’s leaflets, I had read that theirs was a well-ordered world – they had known each other and met regularly for the past several years. They had been fighting together for gender equality and they all spoke the same language which had developed thanks to the numerous books they had read and which allowed them to faithfully convey the surrounding reality which posed so many limitations on women in general. I felt embarrassed and waited for that one question: “Will you help us?”