Call for Papers


The works of Stanisław Lem, one of the most popular Polish writers in the world, have been translated into a few dozen languages and an inspiration to artists of all kinds of arts. Lemology is already a separate field of knowledge, there have been countless studies of Lem’s works and their impact on contemporary culture is evidenced by projects such as the Lem Encyclopaedia (Lemopedia) and “LEMISTRY. A Celebration of Stanisław Lem”, naming planetoid 3836 and the artificial satellite fully constructed in Poland, after the writer. Google celebrated the 60th anniversary of “The Austronauts” being published with the most elaborate doodle in the search engine’s history.

We encourage authors of the latest interpretations of writings to join us in creating the new issue of “Czas Kultury”, with the perspective of the 21st century being the required common point. Rather than hallowed attitudes towards Lem adopted by historians of literature and culture, we are looking for retro and progressive visions of the future as proposed by the author of “The Cyberiad”, primarily interpretative, logical, ethical and linguistic challenges it puts in front of today’s researchers. Key elements of the issue would comprise papers reflecting on what the latest humanist discourse has to offer to traditional interpretations of Lem’s writing. In his works we will also search for how man and social structures are formed in extreme technological, political and cosmological context.

We encourage researchers of literature, film, visual arts, philosophy, sociology, but also authors of drawings, comic books, fan fiction or other works inspired by Lem to send in their papers.

Deadline for texts: 30 July 2018, by e-mail at:

Texts should not exceed 21,000 characters and meet the citation/footnote standards specified at our website in the For authors tab. Please attach a short academic biography, bibliography and an abstract in Polish with key words.

Managing editor: Agata Rosochacka

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